META-RESPONSIVE: Experimental-Computational Framework for the development of Smart Structures based on Metamaterials

The last decades are experiencing a great advance in the design of structures that moves from a unique structural purpose to added smart functionalities. This idea has revolutionised the field and new concepts have arisen: structurally-based materials that provide programmability of deformation and/or alteration of mechanical properties during the deformation process; and materials whose mechanical response can be activated by external stimulation.

The present project aims at combining these two current emerging technologies in material and structural engineering: metamaterials and stimuli-responsive structures. The combination of such technologies will provide the development of smart structures with a tailorable mechanical response that can be programmed during the manufacturing process. The controlled mechanical response under a given stimulus (i.e., magnetic) will provide the structure with specific functionalities. These developments will allow for the design of sensor-actuator systems for soft robotics, remotely controlled biomedical devices and structurally adaptive systems.


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