Funded projects led by MULTIBIOSTRUCTRES lab.

Listing Proyects

List of projects with some figures and overview

Biomechanical Stimulation based on 4D Printed Magneto-Active Polymer. PI: Daniel Garcia-Gonzalez.

Overview: MAPs are polymer-based composites that respond to magnetic fields with large deformation or tuneable mechanical properties. I aim to apply heterogeneous 3D printed MAPs as modifiable substrates to support biological structures which can have their deformation state and stiffness controlled by the external application of magnetic stimuli.

Experimental-Computational Framework for the development of Smart Structures based on Metamaterials. PIs: Daniel Garcia-Gonzalez and Josue Aranda-Ruiz.

Overview: The project aims at combining two current emerging technologies in material and structural engineering: metamaterials and stimuli-responsive structures. The combination of such technologies will provide the development of smart structures with a tailorable mechanical response that can be programmed during the manufacturing process. The controlled mechanical response under a given stimulus (i.e., magnetic) will provide the structure with specific functionalities.

Biocompatible Magneto-Active Structures to Simulate Skin Wound Healing: an Experimental-Computational Coupled Approach. PIs: Daniel Garcia-Gonzalez and Diego Velasco.

BIOMASKIN is a multidisciplinary project that aims at providing cutting-edge solutions to simulate pathological and healing conditions on skin-based structures by magneto-mechanical stimulation.

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